Did the French invent French fries?


You may eat them with ketchup, and some eat them with mayonnaise, ranch dressing or melted cheese! They're French fries, and they're made from potatoes. But which country was the first to create this fried treat?

Believe it or not, there are different ideas about where French fries were first prepared! Many think this delicious snack was invented in a region of Belgium hundreds of years ago, when some of the poorer residents ran out of fish to fry due to freezing rivers. It turns out thinly sliced fried potatoes may have been a great alternative!

Some also say that American or British soldiers in Belgium during World War I were introduced to the fried dish and called them French fries since French was the official language of the Belgian army.

Others believe the fries were indeed invented in France (where they're called "pomme frites"), claiming that cooks in Paris were the first to prepare the dish under the bridges that cross the Seine River. Also, it was a Frenchman named Antoine- Augustine Parmentier who spoke of the many benefits of cooking with potatoes and spread enthusiasm for the tuber all over Europe!

But still others claim that Spain introduced these fried goodies to Europe. Perhaps more than one country played a part in developing this dish! Matching the many possible origins of French fries are the many ways they can be prepared...

(by Mya Kagan)


From curly fries to waffle fries to crinkle cut fries, some fun and festive variations of this dish have evolved! In fact, fries are called "chips" in countries such as England and Ireland! And let's not forget about the many different condiments that can coat these tasty treats. Whether dipped in ketchup or vinegar, tartar sauce or mustard, gravy or barbecue sauce, or simply covered in cheese, the possibilities for topping French fries seem to be endless.Ask a grown-up to help you find and prepare a new twist on French Fries, and try it out with your family! Bon appetit!

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How are french fries called in other countries?

Pommes in Germany
Chips in England
Frites in France