Visit a pow wow.

A pow wow is Native Americans' way of coming together and celebrating.

If you ever get a chance to visit a pow wow — do it! It is a wonderful way to experience Native American culture.

A powwow is the name given for when a large gathering of American Indians come together to meet, sing and dance in traditional dress, to celebrate their culture and honor their ancestors. A Powwow may last for one day or several days and non-native Indians are invited to come along. Each year, there are around 300 powwows of all different sizes held in America, celebrated by the different American Indian tribes across the country. 

The actual word powwow originates from colonial times when traveling medicine men were selling a tonic called a powwow and hire American Indians to perform a traditional dance to entertain the customers. 

Outfits or regalia (never call them costumes!) worn at a pow wow dance are full of symbolism, show heritage and personal values and tastes. 

Indigenous people across the globe
Did you know there are millions of Indigenous or ‘first people’ across the countries of the world — 370 million in fact! These peoples’ ancestors were the first inhabitants of their country.