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33 Family Conversations about Global Challenges

IPPY AWARDS Gold Medal for 2016 Outstanding Books of the Year — Likely to save the planet.
NAPPA Award.
Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient.

Wanting to explain about the great and mysterious world, parents asks themselves, “How do I talk about this with my child?" These books provide some important topics and scripts for getting started.  Well done!

(Carl Pickhardt Ph.D.)

33 Family Conversations about Global Challenges helps parents to have family conversations about issues that current and future generations will be facing, and the goals for a brighter future for all humans. No child is too young to make a difference! Why not give them that confidence early on? We owe it to our children to raise them to become global citizens who are aware of the interrelations between everything that is happening in the world.

“The topics are not light, but each chapter has articles/stories that the parents can read ahead of time to help them present the subject or can read along with their children. The book is very educational and brings to light many difficult topics to the family discussion.” (NAPPA Award evaluation)

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33 Family Conversations about the world

"33 Family Conversations about the World" offers conversation starters for fun and meaningful family time. Familiar, everyday objects help parents discuss topics like Atmosphere (Apple Peel), Biodiversity (Honey), Agriculture (Perfume), Art (Urinal), Moral Values (Mirror) or Dignity (Camera).
The goal of the book is to show children how everything in the world has relevance for them and how all the things are interrelated. All articles use a "thing" as a hook to start the conversation. The description of the object shows that there is always more beneath the surface than what is immediately obvious. Questions, interesting facts and a graphic at the end of each article let children reflect about how one object is connected to another and initiate discussions about how the world works.

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