Will Santa be able to find my house if I've just moved?


If you or one of your friends move into a new home right around Christmas, you might be concerned that Santa will never find your new address and will be unable to deliver your Christmas presents! Or if you go away for Christmas to visit family in another place, you might also be worried that he'll never find you at someone else's home!

If you're not in the same place that you usually are during Christmas, then don't worry Santa Claus has you covered! Thanks to his magical maps and special address books, Santa will always know right where you are on Christmas! Santa and his elves work all year long to keep track of where every boy and girl in the whole world is going to be on Christmas that year. And thanks to his awesome team of flying reindeer, he'll definitely be able to get to you in time no matter how far away you are!


Going places

Being in a new or different place for the holidays might make you feel a little weird if you're always used to looking for presents under your own family's Christmas tree in your own living room, it might seem strange to look under someone else's, or to be a different living room in your new home! What are some ways you can make sure the holidays still feel familiar to you? Try to think of things your family always does on Christmas, and make sure they become a part of your celebration in the new place! For example, if you always sing songs together in the afternoon on Christmas day, then ask if you can still do that on Christmas day in your new location! You might find that it feels like nothing has changed!


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