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Why are some kids bullies?

Most kids who bully want to feel important. They feel powerful when they make someone else feel bad, scared, hurt, embarrassed, lonely, or sad.

Some bullies live in families where there is a lot of anger and shouting. They may live in neighborhoods or go to schools where they see people picking on or teasing others. They learn that sometimes people get their way when they act mean or push others around. Many bullies have been bullied themselves.

Why would someone want to bully ME?

Bullies don't have to have a good reason for picking on someone. Sometimes they pick on kids who are different from them in some way. Sometimes they pick on kids who get upset easily. But often they bully someone for no reason at all except that it makes them feel powerful.

Remember -- you are not the one with the problem. The bully is the one with the problem.


Has anyone ever picked on you or a friend?

Have you ever seen a TV show where people seemed to get their way by being mean to others?