Who invented snowmen?


When moist white snow covers the ground, it's tempting to get creative! Have you ever built a snowman? Have you ever wondered how long people have been building snowmen, or who invented them?!

It's tricky to say for sure when the first snowman was invented. Some people trace snowmen back to the Ice Age. Regardless of the exact beginnings, we know that people have been building snowmen for years. For example, a snowman illustration from the 14th century has been discovered, revealing that people built snowmen in medieval times. In addition, the first photograph of a snowman was taken in 1845 by a woman named Mary Dillwyn. Who invented snowmen, and when? Unlike rock and other artistic materials that can stand the test of time, snow quickly melts. The fact that snowy evidence is hard to come by makes the history of the snowman a bit tricky to trace. Yet we know that over the years, people have enjoyed building these cheerful figures. They remind us of winter, of the Holidays and of creativity. The next time it snows, will you build a snowman?

Further Information

When it comes to building snowmen, the best snow to work with is the moist kind. While dry, powdery snow may be difficult to mold, snow that is a bit wet can easily be rolled into balls for stacking!