Religion and Beliefs

What is religion?

Religion refers to what people believe in and how they practice those beliefs.

People often belong to one certain kind of religion, where they believe in the same things as the other people who also belong to that religion. Lots of people practice the religion they grew up with, while others look later in life for what they believe in and sometimes will change their practices.

Usually the things people believe in as part of their religion have to do with how the world works, whether or not we have a god and who it is if we do, and how we should behave towards other people and the world around us. It's important to remember that there are lots of different religions and beliefs in the world, and everyone is entitled to believe in whatever they want to, so long as it doesn't hurt anyone. You should always accept people no matter what religion they practice! It can even be fun to learn about someone else's religion and share in their holidays and festivities!

(by Mya Kagan)


Religion 101

What religion or religions are practiced by your friends and family? Have you ever participated in any of the holidays or celebrations of someone who practices a different religion than you and your family? What was different about the practices of another religion from the things you practice at home with your own family? Did they eat different foods, or wear special clothing? Maybe there was a ceremony or a reading to honor the occasion? Did you get to find out why they took part in any of these things, or what the history was behind the holiday or festival?Pick out two or three things that were you favorite. What did you like about those things??