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What is Easter?

Easter is a Christian holiday celebrated in early spring that remembers the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe was the son of God.

It follows the period of Lent and is considered one of the most important holidays in Christianity. According to the Bible, Jesus was arrested by his enemies for heresy (having different beliefs) shortly after he came to Jerusalem. Through a series of events known as "The Stations of the Cross" or "The Passion," he was tried, sentenced to death, and executed on what Christians call "Good Friday."

This is a very somber day for Christians, and is usually observed by going to a special church service and not eating meat all day. But Christians believe that, three days after his death, Jesus rose from the dead!

This miracle is what Christians celebrate as Easter. Compared to Lent, and especially Good Friday, it is a joyous holiday. Special songs are sung during church services, lots of good food is eaten, and it is considered an important time to spend with family and friends.


Different countries have different traditions when it comes to Easter. While there is often lots of prayer and church services, not all of these traditions are as serious!In parts of Europe, including England and Italy, pussy willow branches are handed out at churches because it is considered good luck to tap your friends with them! Many countries in South America hold carnivals in the time leading up to Easter or Lent, as a way to have fun one last time before the serious holidays. And around the world, acting troops stage plays or processions called "passion plays" that show Jesus's journey before he died. Does your family or city have any special Easter traditions?