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What is astronomy?


When you look up at the stars, do you wonder what lies beyond our atmosphere, the mixture of gases surrounding Earth?

We know there are planets, galaxies, comets and more. People who want to learn about the exciting wonders of space study an area of science called astronomy!

Astronomy is the study of the universe, which includes the sun, moon, planets, galaxies, stars and other objects in space. Astronomers study these celestial bodies to learn about their size, how they move and much, much more. Since the field of astronomy is so broad, you can bet it involves other areas of study, like math, chemistry and geology. Not to mention, since only a select few astronauts get to go into space and perform experiments, astronomers have many tools that help them study space from planet Earth.

As you can imagine, much of what we know about space comes from observing it rather than touching it or seeing it in person! Equipment such as telescopes, space probes and detailed digital cameras help astronomers gather information about the universe!

by Brian Griffin (Whyzz writer)

Further Information

Astronomy is the oldest natural science in the world. In fact, thousands of years ago, the earliest astronomers used their eyes to observe the wonders of the sky and discover important information about the celestial bodies above!


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