Make a Mark

To the bee rescue! Plant some flowers for the pollinators.


Do you like honey? Can you guess how honey is related to about one third of all the foods we eat? 

Honeybees are the main species that helps food-producing plants to pollinate, which means to reproduce. When bees collect honey for the winter months they fly from flower to flower and bring pollen that sticks to their feet from one plant to the next. 

A bee is the single most important animal to provide food on Earth, and it plays a pretty big part in ensuring biodiversity in the world. And since biodiversity is essential to sustaining life on our planet, bees are essential to secure our survival! 

However, honeybee colonies have sharply decreased all over the world in the past 60 years. With more pesticides being used in agriculture or to kill mosquitos, honey bees are in severe danger. 

What you can do:
Plant colorful flowers in your backyard or your outside windowsill. Avoid using pesticides for plant growth! Support your local bee keepers by buying from them and donate to an organization that fights to protect honeybees.