Ocean Conservation - a conversation with Dr. Enric Sala


We need healthy ocean ecosystems. Half the oxygen in our atmosphere is provided by oceans, the heat on Earth is evenly distributed by the ocean’s currents, and fish are a vital food source.

Yet, only 8 percent of all oceans are protected from fishing and oil drilling.

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Dr. Enric Sala

Dr. Sala is an explorer in residence at National Geographic and founder of the organization Pristine Seas. His goals are to explore, document and protect the last wild places in the ocean. With 30 Expeditions Dr. Sala and his team have already created 22 marine reserves.

The Host

Marie is 15 years old & passionate about social justice. She has traveled to 16 countries and lived in the US, Germany and Hong Kong. She is particularly interested in solving issues around Equality and Ocean Conservation.

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