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Is Santa Claus real?


Lots of people both kids and grown-ups have wondered if Santa Claus is real. Is it actually possible that one man could shimmy down so many chimneys in one night and bring presents to boys and girls all over the world?

Because some people find this hard to believe, you might hear people say that Santa isn't real, and for some people he might not be perhaps because they practice another religion or maybe because they just don't believe that miracles are possible.

But even though some people might be doubtful, many others know in their hearts that Christmas is magical and Santa is real! Lots of very amazing things that happen in the world are hard to explain and wondrous feats happen to people every day!

It's up to every individual person to decide for themselves if they believe or not....What do you believe?

(by Mya Kagan)


Keep the Magic Alive! Lots of people and kids like to believe in Santa because he makes Christmas magical. What are some other ways that you can help to make the holidays magical? Donating toys or food for people who are less-fortunate is one great way, and so is volunteering your time, such as bringing cards or gifts to people in the hospital! The more you volunteer and help out, the more you can be just like Santa and bring something really special to Christmas and all of the other fun holidays!

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Remember that there is no "right" or "wrong" when it comes to believing in Santa Claus and you should never tease someone for what they believe. People all over the world have lots of different beliefs for different reasons, and as long as their beliefs don't hurt anyone else, it's okay for them to believe whatever they would like! In fact, this is what makes the world such a neat and interesting place! If you've started to feel like Santa Claus doesn't exist for you anymore and you're a little disappointed about it, try being Santa's Special Helper! Make some nice presents or cards for the people in your family, and sneak downstairs on Christmas Eve to help Santa with his gift-load by filling up the stockings in your house! Or, start to look around for the little miracles that happen every day even if it doesn't convince you to believe in Santa Claus, it might help you see the magic of the Christmas spirit!When you're thinking about whether or not Santa Claus is real, it might help you to know that many people believe that Santa is the spirit of St. Nicholas, a kind man who lived many years ago. Click here to learn more!