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How long do insects live?


It's hard not to notice the many insects that surround us in nature. Have you ever wondered how long these bugs live? The answer to that question depends on the bug!

Most insects live for less than one year. For example, bees live for four or five weeks, and some ants live for three weeks or less! However, other insects can live for a very long time! For example, there are wood beetles that can survive for 40 years, while queen termites can live for as many 50 years!

When it comes to insect life span, determining how long these bugs live may depend on whether or not we consider their entire life cycle. After all, insects hatch from eggs and go through different stages, such as the caterpillar that forms a chrysalis, then emerges as a butterfly.

Further Information

For example, many people say that the mayfly lives for a couple of hours to a few days""a very short life span. While this is the length of time these insects are adults, when you consider their entire life cycle (including the time they are babies), they can live for as long as two weeks to two years!