Forced Labor - A Conversation with Ben Skinner


Although the United States officially abandoned slavery in 1865 there are still around 40 million modern day slaves all over the world – including the US. They are forced to work for no pay--often threatened with violence against themselves or their families if they don’t comply.

Modern day slavery includes forced labor and forced marriage. People who make our clothes, paint our nails, serve in restaurants, pick fruits and vegetables, build houses or mine the minerals that are used for our phones or often paid very little or nothing at all for their work. Escaping slavery is nearly impossible unless there are people or organizations willing to help.

Interview with Ben Skinner, CEO of Transparentem and Author of the 2009 Dayton Literary Peace Prize Award book A Crime So Monstrous.

Radiohead ALL I NEED video for MTV's EXIT CAMPAIGN, May 2008

Ben Skinner

Ben Skinner, the Founder and President of Transparentem, is an investigative journalist and his and his team’s goal is to eradicate environmental and human rights abuses in global supply chains. He shares with us some of the solutions Transparentem is working on and how each one of us can help make a difference.

The Host

Marie is 15 years old & passionate about social justice. She has traveled to 16 countries and lived in the US, Germany and Hong Kong. She is particularly interested in solving issues around Equality and Ocean Conservation.

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