“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.” (Dr. Seuss)

Whyzz’s mission is to foster meaningful family conversations about what makes people, places and things so unique. From different cultures, customs, and traditions to how we can better the world around us.

We want to help parents have conversations with their kids about what is going on in the world and their place in it; about issues that current and future generations will be facing; about family values and family history. We want to help instill a deep respect for our wonderful Earth and the achievements of both the living and those who have come before us. We want to foster our children’s innate curiosity and desire to learn.

Our children are exposed to more of what is going on around them than any generation before. Real-time information is readily available on the many devices they have at hand. Yet their ability to make sense of it might be missing. They live in a “global village”, one in which the interrelations of things, or cause-and-effect, are increasingly important, as is the ability to comprehend them.

The tools Whyzz is offering are meant to create an opportunity to discuss specific topics as they relate to your child and the world. Use the conversation starters at home, in the car, at the dinner table or while travelling.

Constanze Niedermaier, CEO & Founder

Constanze is a refugee, immigrant, mom, wife, animal lover, award winning author, global citizen and mother of two beautiful, curious kids. She started Whyzz when her first daughter was born, and she realized that she was in need of creative tools to answer her little girl’s questions and raise a curious, global-minded child of the 21st century.