World Series 2009

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The World Series is a seven game playoff between two U.S. professional leagues, the American League and National League, at the end of baseball season each year. It was first played in 1903 and, with the exception of 1904 and 1994 (during which a player strike occurred), the World Series has been played every year since then.

Twenty-nine teams from the two leagues participate in the Series the L.A. (formerly Brooklyn) Dodgers have played 18 times for the National League, and the New York Yankees have represented the American League 40 times (and won 26, the most of any team!). The winning team receives a trophy from the Commissioner of Baseball, team rings for all of the players, and a larger percentage of gate receipts.

Beginning October 28, 2009, the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies will begin playoffs at Yankee Stadium in New York City. Who will you be rooting for?

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    On November 5, 2009, the Yankees took their 27th World Series win, beating the Phillies 7-3 in Game 6!
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