Why is the Earth round?

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One of the things which makes Earth really neat is that we have a special force called gravity. Although you can’t see gravity, it’s all around you and it’s constantly pulling everything toward the center of the Earth. – Gravity is the thing that causes a ball you toss into the air to fall back towards the ground instead of it floating off into space!

Believe it or not, it’s gravity that is also responsible for the Earth’s round shape! Because Earth (and other large objects like our fellow planets) is so big, gravity affects it in a big way, and pulls on it equally in every direction. In fact, gravity prevents big objects like Earth from being any other shape – if our planet had any points or edges, gravity would pull them back towards Earth’s center and round things out again. Because every part of Earth is pulled equally, the whole thing is a round shape like a ball!

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    Even though Earth is round, it’s important to note that it’s not a perfectly circular, round, ball-like shape. At the equator, around the middle of the Earth, the planet is slightly bulged.

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