Why is it bad to pick my nose?

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BOOGERS, SNOT whatever you call it it’s that gross, icky, sometimes-green, slimy stuff that fills up your nose and drips out, unless of course you stick a finger up there and pick that stuff away.  You’ve probably heard grown-ups say many times to “get your finger out of your nose!”

Here’s the thing about nose-picking: a lot of people do it.  They’re just too embarrassed to admit it.  Picking your nose is not actually too bad for you, but still there are a few reasons why you’ll want to reach for a tissue, instead of using your fingers.

Boogers and snot are really just something called “mucus” that our bodies make for a couple of reasons. The mucus in our noses is very important. It catches germs that we breathe in, and carries germs out of our bodies. It helps to keep you healthy! You really don’t want it on your fingers because it carries germs and you might pass those germs to other people by a handshake, a hug, or even just touching something that someone else will touch. You can also catch some of your own germs back again!

Another reason not to pick is that the inside lining of your nose is very easily damaged. A fingernail can scratch it and make your nose bleed, and that can get infected.

The biggest reason people will say not to pick your nose is because most people think it looks gross! How do you feel if you see someone picking their nose? 

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