Why is football called soccer in America?

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If you've ever watched sports in the United States, "football" and "soccer" are two very different athletic events. Football is played with a funny-shaped ball that players run with, kick, and throw, while soccer is played with with a distinctive black-and-white ball that players are only allowed to touch with their feet. But in Britain, and many other parts of the world, what Americans refer to as "soccer" is actually called "football," and vice versa...why is that so???

When soccer was invented by the British in the 1860's, it was called "Association Football," after the national Football Association of England. There was also a game gaining popularity around the same time called "Rugby Football" (after the Rugby School). The word "soccer" is a nickname the English came up with to tell the difference between the two, and is a play on the world "asSOCiation!"

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    To make things even more confusing, American football is technically known as "gridiron football!" No on is sure why the term for soccer has become more popular in America, but there are guesses that, since American football isn't as popular in Britain, the difference between what is now rugby and soccer became clear enough over time.

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    Best Foot Forward
    According to legend, the game of rugby was invented when a soccer player decided to take matters into his own hands by grabbing the ball and running it into the goal. Now it's your turn to invent a game of your own. What are the rules? How big is the playing field? Is there a ball, flag, or some other toy? Do people kick it with their feet, or carry it in their hands? How about both?!

    Whatever you do, have fun and have a ball!

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