Why do we have eyebrows?

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Eyebrows are pretty weird when you think about them! They’re two little bands of hair growing right above our eyeballs. The ancestors of modern people were a lot hairier, but over time, a lot of that hair was lost. Somehow our eyebrows remained!

They aren’t just there for decoration. They act a lot like gutters do on houses. They catch any sweat or rain running down your forehead and make it run off to the sides of your eyes. If sweat got into your eyes, it would probably sting. Eyebrows, just like eyelashes and eyelids, actually work to protect your eyes!

Eyebrows also help us communicate. If you see people raise their eyebrows very high, it probably means they’re excited or surprised. If they lower their eyebrows, it may mean they are sad or mad. One of the easiest ways to show how we’re feeling is by using our eyebrows!

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    Say Something Silently

    Think about all the different emotions you can show by using your eyebrows. How would you use your eyebrows to show that you are happy? How would you use them to show that you’re confused? How would you use them to show you’re scared?

    With a friend or family member, try having a whole conversation just by using your eyebrows! You could “talk” about a show you’re watching, or a game you’re playing, or anything!

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