Why do we grow?

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Almost all living things grow as they get older. Think about a tree you might plant in your yard -- it starts as a seed, turns into a sapling, and eventually becomes a full-sized tree! Animals are like this too; a puppy you can hold in your hand can soon become a dog as big as you are!

People are the same: we start out much smaller and get bigger as we get older! Humans are built to grow, with bones that get bigger if we eat the right things and make sure to get enough sleep! - And don’t forget that “growing” doesn’t just have to refer to getting taller! As we get older, we also grow smarter and more knowledgeable about the world

Growing allows us to take the time we need to experience the world and learn about the things we need to do to survive! Most things couldn’t stay small forever because it would be hard to get by being so tiny and not knowing about the world. The different types of growth that you go through are meant to prepare you for being an adult! Our growth makes it possible for us to do new things as we get older that we couldn’t do before, which includes everything from driving a car, to making important decisions, to taking care of your own family!


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    “¢ Another reason we grow is that it would be hard to be born big! Mothers wouldn’t be able to carry and give birth to babies if they were the size of an adult. Plus, it’s easier for our parents to care for us as infants when we’re small in size; imagine parents trying to rock a baby to sleep if that baby was their same size!

    “¢ Kids are constantly growing, but as you become an adult, you’ll reach the height that you’ll pretty much remain for the rest of your life. One thing that affects how tall you become is the genes you inherit from your parents (if your parents are really tall, you’re more likely to be really tall too and if they’re on the shorter side, you’re more likely to be petite). Another thing that affects growth is your wellness and nutrition, so eating healthy foods and getting exercise will help you grow to be your best!

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    Show how you grow!

    Try to find some pictures of yourself from one year ago, two years ago, and three years ago!

    Compare all of the pictures you can find. How have you changed from the earliest picture until now? How did you change from just one year until the next? Think about the changes that the picture doesn’t show, such as new things you’ve learned or new experiences you’ve had.

    What are some things about you that might change between right now and a year from now? Draw a picture of what you think you’ll look like in another year, and think about some of the new things you’ll have learned about by then!

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