Why do frogs croak?

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Ribbit, ribbit! If you’ve ever spent some time near a frog-filled pond, then you already know that familiar sound is the call of a frog! So, why do frogs croak??

The answer is that most frogs who croak are male frogs, and they do it as a mating call to attract female frogs! In a frog’s world, that ribbiting sound is very appealing! Croaking is also sometimes used to declare territory and tell other frogs to stay away.

Some kinds of frogs have a special bubble-looking body part that helps them make their croaking sound. Scientists have found that different types of frogs make different types of croaking sounds. It all depends on the size of the frog and its species!

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    Croaking it out!Do you best imitation of a frog’s croak. What type of croaking noise would you make to declare your territory versus to communicate with another frog? Think about why you would choose each of your croaks!



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