Why do ducks have webbed feet?

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Waddle this way! – Ducks can fly and walk, but they also usually spend a lot of time in water. Because of this, they have special “webbed” feet that help them get around in the water!  

Have you ever been in a kayak or a canoe and used a paddle to help the boat move through water? – A duck’s webbed feet work a lot like these same paddles! By closing in the space between their three front toes, the ducks are able to push more water and swim faster than if the water was slipping right through the space in between! Ducks’ feet are also special because they are born without nerves in their feet so they can’t feel when water is cold! This allows them to swim to swim in cold water without being bothered. 

The reason ducks “waddle” when they walk also has to do with the way their feet are built. In addition to the three front toes with the webbing, ducks also have a raised hind toe. This fourth toe helps them with walking on land and is also responsible for their wobbling waddle!


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