Why do bubbles pop so easily?

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You’re probably already familiar with bubbles -- they happen when you wash your hands, take a bath, or go outside to make bubbles with a wand! They’re light, filled with air, and oh-so-delicate! Why do bubbles pop so easily?
The surface of a bubble is really fragile. Bubbles are usually made from a soap and water mixture with air in the center. The tiny units (“molecules”) that make up water have special ways of holding on to each other. In a bubble, where the little units of water are being pushed on from either side by air and have soap to help them stretch out, they’re sticking together as tightly as they can go! – It’s because they’re pulled so thin that it’s so easy for them to break apart
A bubble POP-POP-POPS when something interferes with its thin, delicate surface, like a gust of wind that jiggles it around or even just the slightest touch of another object. Bubbles also pop when the water that they’re made of evaporates, which is why it’s so hard to blow bubbles on a really sunny day! 
The good news is that bubbles are pretty easy to make, so even though they pop easily, you can make new ones all the time!
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    Bubbles pop particularly easily when they are touched by something dry, because the dry object can take away some of the bubble’s water! A bubble is less likely to pop if it’s touched by something wet than by something dry. – Neat!
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