Why do birds have feathers?

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You’re probably familiar with lots of animals that have fur, but birds have something different… feathers! Feathers are unique to birds, which means they’re the only animal who has them.

Feathers are helpful to birds for lots of things! A bird’s feathers help the bird to stay warm and protect the bird’s body underneath. Many birds’ feathers are also waterproof, which keeps them safe from the rain or helps them stay warm in the water!

Bird feathers are also one of the things that make it possible for birds to fly! Feathers are lightweight (they don’t weigh the bird down) and they allow a bird to catch and direct air with their wings in a special way that allows them to fly.

In lots of cases, feathers also help birds to attract a mate! (A peacock’s beautiful display of tail feathers is one great example.) In other cases, feathers can help a bird to hide and camouflage!

Because feathers are so important to birds, they naturally “molt” and replace their feathers about once or twice a year, to make sure all of their feathers stay in good shape!

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