Why do balls bounce?

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Here are some thoughts to bounce around: Have you ever noticed that different kinds of balls seem to bounce differently? If a ball is really full of air, it tends to bounce better than one which is missing some air. You’ve probably also noticed that balls bounce higher from harder surfaces, or that the higher up you are when you drop it, the more it seems to bounce…!  
The reason balls bounce is because of the combination of gravity and energy. Gravity is the force that pulls everything on our planet towards the center of the Earth. In the case of bouncing balls, gravity is what pulls the falling ball towards the ground! As it falls, the ball gains energy from its movement.  
As soon as it hits the ground, all of the energy gained by the ball has to go somewhere! You can think of it basically like the energy is being pushed back inside the ball and then propelling it upwards… or, bouncing!   
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