Why are some people vegetarians?

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A vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat. Depending on the person, the exact definition of what this includes can be different: Some vegetarians will eat fish while others will not. Some vegetarians include eggs or dairy in their diets, while others might eat certain meats but not others. – There are lots of different vegetarian diets!
People who are vegetarians make this choice for any number of reasons such as not liking the taste of meat, wanting to avoid certain health problems, not feeling right about eating animals, or religious beliefs. 
Being a vegetarian can be a perfectly healthy lifestyle! People who do not want to eat meat can still easily get the protein and iron they need from foods like beans and nuts. Plus, many vegetarians have lower cholesterol (since a lot of cholesterol comes from meats) and have been shown in certain studies to be less at risk for things like diabetes, obesity, and certain kinds of cancer. – The most important thing, vegetarian or not, is to eat a balanced diet. By eating lots of different things, you can make sure to get a little of everything you need!
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    Vegetarians sometimes need to make sure they are getting enough of Vitamin B12, which naturally occurs almost exclusively in foods that come from animals. Vegetarians who eat eggs or dairy can usually get enough B12 from these foods, but depending on their diet, some people might need to take a dietary supplement with B12 or eat foods that are specially fortified to have it. – While some studies have shown that plant foods like seaweed contain B12, current research indicates that the B12 in these foods is probably not able to be absorbed by the human body.

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    Veggie Dishes!



    What are some of your favorite meatless meals? For example, vegetable lasagna filled with spinach, zucchini, and tomatoes makes a great vegetarian dish, and so do veggie burritos with beans and mushrooms instead of meat! Don't forget about PB&J sandwiches, yummy fresh salads, and stir-fries with tofu!
    Have a grown-up help you pick out some great vegetarian dishes and then help to prepare it for dinner! What kinds of ingredients does your special dish include??
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