Where do seashells come from?

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Believe it or not, seashells are the outer skeletons of special type of sea animal called a mollusk! Examples of mollusks include critters like oysters and clams.

The shell of a mollusk is part of the animal. A young mollusk is born with a shell, and the shell grows with the mollusk as it gets older. A mollusk’s shell is known as an “exoskeleton,” meaning that it’s like a skeleton of bones that is on the outside! Can you think of any advantages the mollusk gets from its outside-skeleton? Mollusks definitely get protection from their shells, but they also get help with camouflage and shape.

When a mollusk dies, its shell is left behind. Sometimes we find these shells when they wash up on the beach, which allows you to find and collect them while you’re playing in the sand!

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    A fishy tongue-twister!

    There's a very well known tongue-twister about seashells! Maybe you've heard it before -- try repeating this sentence two or three times quickly, and “sea” if your tongue can keep up!!

    Sally sells seashells by the sea shore.
    The shells Sally sells are surely seashells
    So if Sally sells shells on the seashore
    I'm sure she sells seashore shells!

    It's pretty hard, isn't it?! See if you can get through just one sentence at a time before your tongue gets tied up into a knot!
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