What's the difference between Fall and Autumn?

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Summer comes to an end, and the temperatures are cooler. Soon leaves change color and fall from the trees. A new season has arrived. Is this season Fall? Is it Autumn? Are Fall and Autumn the same? Many agree that both Fall and Autumn can be used to describe the season of falling leaves. However, it may depend on who you ask…

For example, the early English settlers to America adopted the term “Fall,” while it was “Autumn” that rose to popularity in England. Therefore, today people in the United States may use “Fall” more often, while those who live in England may be more likely to say “Autumn.” However, this is not an absolute rule. For instance, think of the many Americans who use both “Fall” and “Autumn” to refer to the season of falling leaves, sometimes in the same sentence! 

Many kids remember that Fall is the time of the year when the leaves fall from the trees! In fact, people once used the phrase “the fall of the leaf” to refer to the season of Fall. Whether you call it Fall or Autumn, one thing is for sure it’s a colorful time of change!

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