What's the difference between a raven, a crow and a blackbird?

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A black bird flies across the sky. Ask three different people what type of bird it is, and you may very well get three different answers: a raven, a crow or a blackbird! In fact, these birds are often confused with one another because they have certain similarities, such as coloring. 
What are some differences between these three birds? For starters, blackbirds are much smaller than crows and ravens. Many are only 10 inches in length. Also, some blackbirds are not entirely black. For example, they may be dark brown in color, or black with markings of a different hue, such as red. Some blackbirds even have orange beaks!
Telling a crow and a raven apart may be a bit trickier, but there ARE differences! For example, crows are smaller than ravens. A raven weighs twice as much as a crow! The beak of a crow is smaller and straighter than the beak of a raven, which is rounded at the bottom. In addition, the tail feathers of a crow are shaped like a fan, while the tail feathers of a raven come together in a central point.
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    Another way to tell crows and blackbirds apart is by the sounds they make. For example, crows have a call that resembles a “caw caw” noise, while ravens make a deep croaking sound. In addition, the wings of ravens have longer, more spread out “fingers” at the tips than the wings of crows. Finally, the feathers of ravens have a green, purple and blue shimmer that outshines the more subtle blue and purple sheen of the crow’s feathers.

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