What's the difference between a donkey and a horse?

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They are both part of the Equidae family, and they have four legs, a mane, and a tail. They are donkeys and horses, and while these creatures may have a lot in common, they are two very different animals! For one thing, donkeys have longer ears than do horses, and their eyes are larger in proportion to their heads.   
The tail of a donkey is a bit like the tail of a cow, with shorter hair followed by a longer tuft at the bottom, while the tail of a horse is thick and full of long hair. The hooves of a horse are larger than those of a donkey, yet a donkey’s hooves are sturdier. A donkey’s coat is longer and less smooth than a horse’s coat, but unlike a donkey, a horse has a special undercoat that protects it from harsh weather! 
The behavior of donkeys and horses is different as well! While horses may get spooked easily and run away, donkeys may spend more time checking out a situation before making a move. Some consider donkeys to be smarter yet more stubborn than horses!
Finally, donkeys often live longer than horses. In fact, while horses can live up to 30 years, some donkeys may live up to 50!
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