What is the largest insect?

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When you think of insects, do you imagine little bugs you need a magnifying glass to spot in the grass? Or perhaps you think of larger flying insects, such as bees and dragonflies. Then there are the critters that may sneak into your house from time to time, such as roaches and ants. Insects come in various shapes and sizes, but which one is the largest?
Some say the world’s largest insect is a bug called the weta. In fact, this critter, which looks like a big cricket, can be found in New Zealand. If it spreads its wings, they may stretch seven inches wide, and one scientist claimed the specimen he found weighed as much as three mice! 
However, others are quick to note that while the weta may be one of the heaviest, other insects could win the title of “largest.” For example, the goliath beetle has a wingspan that may reach 10 inches, and the wingspan of the white witch moth can reach 12 inches! Did you ever think an insect could be that large?!
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