What is sportsmanship?

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“Good sportsmanship” or “being a good sport” is an important part of all games, sports, and competitions. While winning can be cool, being a good sport means realizing that it’s participating, trying your best, and having fun that matters the most!  

It’s important to be a good sport whether you’ve won or lost. A winner who is a good sport never gloats. If you’ve done your best and come in second, would it make you feel very good for the winner to laugh? – No way! A winner should be proud of his or her accomplishments, but a good sport never makes another player feel bad about losing.      

If you lose or come in second, it’s equally important to be a good sport. Remember that trying your best and having fun is what matters the most! Focus on some of the big highlights of the experience, like the great shots you took and how much you learned. A good sport always congratulates their opponents on a game, whether they’ve won or lost.

Also remember that being a good sport isn’t just about how you act after the game is over, but also about how you act while you’re playing. A good sport never teases another player, always plays fairly, and follows the rules!

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  • Further information

    Even though it has the word “sports” in it, remember that sportsmanship is important beyond athletics. Being a good sport is important in any sort of competition, including science fairs, speech tournaments, and even just board games at home!   

  • Exploration

    Brainstorm about some ways that you can show good sportsmanship! Here are some examples to get you started: 

    • Shake hands or greet your opponents before and after a match. Wish them good luck or congratulate them on how well they played!
    • Compliment other players when they’ve done a good job and acknowledge their hard work, even if their goal lessens your chance of winning.
    • Always play by the rules!
    • No matter what, remember that the real reason you’re playing is to have fun!!
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