What is sound?

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We live in a world full of sound! Even the quietest of rooms has its share of background noise. Perhaps when you sit silently on your couch, you can still hear the hum of the refrigerator or the motor of an airplane passing by overhead…

A sound is something that you hear! Sound is created by vibration. For example, when you tap a drum, clap your hands, or say “hello” to a friend, you are moving the air around you. This movement, or vibration, creates waves, which travel from the source of the sound (the drum, your hands, your vocal chords, etc.) in all directions. When these waves reach the ears, they are heard as sound!

Exactly how do you hear sound?! The vibrating air of a sound wave travels to a part of your ear called the eardrum, which then begins to vibrate too! These vibrations soon reach the bones of your middle ear, and then the inner ear, where they are changed to electrical signals and sent to your brain. When your brain receives the signal, you realize, “I hear a sound!”

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