What is muscle?

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You’ve probably heard of muscle and you might know a little bit about it – like that people who have a lot of muscle are usually very strong – but what exactly is it??!

The muscles of your body are types of tissue. “Tissue” refers to any part of your body made up of cells of the same type that all perform the same job together. The types of cells that make up muscle tissue are known as “muscle fibers”!

When it comes to muscle tissues, the specific job they’re in charge of is movement and force! Your muscles help you with everything from walking, to carrying your backpack, to holding a book, playing sports, and more! Even when you just lift a finger up in the air, it’s muscle giving you that power! Some muscles even work without you knowing it, like the ones that help you blink!

There are three main types of muscle in the body: Skeletal muscle (which moves your arms, legs, hands, toes, finger, and more); smooth muscle (which works with parts inside your body such as your stomach and intestines); and cardiac muscle (which is the muscle of your heart)! Muscles are usually healthier and stronger when they are used a lot, which is why making sure you get plenty of exercise is a good idea!

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  • Further information

    Aside from muscle, lots of other parts of your body are also “tissue.” In fact, all of your organs such as your heart, lungs, stomach, and even skin are made from tissue! Fat, bones, and nerves are tissue too!
  • Exploration

    Muscles are amazing! Check out these cool facts:

    • Have you ever thought about where your body's most powerful muscles are located? Take a guess. The answer is in your legs! 
    • Your body’s longest muscle is also in your legs. It’s called the “satorius” and it helps you cross your legs. 
    • There are at least 14 muscles just in your tongue!
    • About one-third of the weight of your body comes from your muscles! Cool!

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