What is equality?

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The word equality is related to the word equal. Do you know what it means for things to be equal? When two things are equal, it’s like saying they are the same. A full slice of pizza and two halves are the same. They might not look alike, but they’re equal! Because they’re equal (and will both make you full!) you can treat them alike.
Equality is the same idea of things that are the same being treated alike, but applied to people! Tall, short, young, old, dark-skinned, light-skinned: We may have lots of differences, but we’re all the same in one really important way – we’re all people! Because of that, we all deserve to be treated alike. Don’t you think it would be wrong to treat one person differently because of something like the color of their hair or what they like? Equality gives everyone the same fair chances. No one is left out! Equality means everyone gets respect and has the opportunity to live a happy life!
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