What is color made of?

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Believe it or not, but the reason we have color is because we have light! Color is the way our eyes interpret the energies contained within a beam of light!

The energies of light contain a large spectrum of colors. When light touches an object, some of these energies are absorbed (taken in) by it, and others are reflected (cast back). – It’s the energies that are reflected which your eyes collect and then interpret as a specific color!

This means that when certain energies are reflected, your eyes interpret them to make you recognize that a banana is yellow, your friend has purple shoes, and your grandma’s hair is white!


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    - It might be a little confusing to think that a banana is yellow on the outside even though it has absorbed and taken the energies of many other colors. An object does not ever release the energies of the colors it has absorbed – instead, it carries them around forever! Try thinking about it like this: even though an object is a certain color, it still loves other colors too! So every object in the world, no matter what color it is, is carrying around all of the other colors!
    - The energies of light contain a huge spectrum of colors! If you’ve ever seen a color wheel, then you already know that there are an endless number of shades that any one color can be! – However, some people refer to “the seven colors of light”: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. In any given beam of light, the energies can contain many more colors than just these seven, but sometimes these seven are named and used like “bookmarks” to separate the endless colors into portions! 
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