What is an herbivore?

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An herbivore is a type of animal who eats only plants and does not eat any meat. Some herbivores you're familiar with include cows, deer, moose, rabbits, elephants, and more! Depending on the animal, certain herbivores will eat only one type of plant-food, such as nectar, grain, fruit, or pollen.

Because eating plants does not always provide them with a lot of energy, herbivores have to eat a lot -- in fact, many of them spend all day munching! (Have you ever seen animals grazing in a field?) Certain herbivores known as ruminants (like cows and sheep) also get extra energy from the way they digest. These animals regurgitate (think “spit up”) their food and then chew it a second time. This helps them to break it down even more and get more out of it!

Just like their stomachs and digestive systems can be made to help them maximize their plant-grub, herbivores’ teeth help out too. Big molars help herbivores to crush twigs, seeds, and leaves. – Neat!!

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