What is a creek?

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Did you know that water covers around 70% of our planet's surface? Earth’s numerous bodies of water come in many different depths and sizes! Some are as vast as the ocean, while others, such as streams, follow paths that are narrow by comparison.
A stream is a body of flowing water that stays within its banks, or the land on either side.  A creek is a stream of small or medium size. Creeks are often shallow and flow into larger bodies of water. While many people would claim that a creek is smaller than a river, not everyone agrees on what makes a creek a creek! In fact, the definition of a creek may change depending on the part of the world in which it flows. 
Some creeks stay full of water all year long, while others become dry.  Some creeks have freshwater while others are filled with salt water. Regardless of their differences, creeks help circulate our planet’s water and provide important habitats to a variety of plants and animals.
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    Creeks and their banks are home to many creatures, such as fish, salamander and birds. Insects such as water striders and dragonflies also thrive in a creek habitat.


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