What does an inventor do?

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Have you ever thought of a great idea for something new that doesn’t exist yet? If so, maybe you’d like to be an inventor!!

Inventors are people who come up with new ideas for items, products, systems, or machines; an inventor’s idea is his or her invention. Inventions are successful when they provide people with something new and useful that doesn’t yet exist, or when they solve a problem with a new method or technique.

Being an inventor can be challenging, because it can take many, many tries and a very long time to get a new invention right! To be an inventor, you must be creative. Inventors think about the problems they see and how to create something new that would fix them! Inventors also look at existing things, and try to brainstorm about ways a new invention could improve them. When possible, an inventor in the early stages of a new invention will build or draw a sample of the idea. Inventors must also think about how their invention might help people, and who would want to buy or use it if it was real. An inventor must then either start a business to make their new invention, or sell the idea to someone else who can make it for them!

Most importantly inventors must try, try again! Great inventions can take time. Keep on thinking in new and different ways until you get it right!

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  • Further information

    Here are a few other tips for young wannabe inventors!

    - Inventors should always keep a journal with their ideas and the date“”it’ll help you to review your thoughts, and to show people what you were working on, in case it turns out someone else was trying to invent the same thing at the same time!

    - Have a grown-up help you look up your idea on the government’s patent website. A patent is something that protects people’s ideas, so you can look up your new invention to see if anyone else is already working on it. (And if you’re very serious about your invention, you can also apply for your own patent!)

  • Exploration

    Think about some things you use everyday. Do you know who invented them? Many great inventions are made by kids and teens! Here are a few cool examples:

    - Louis Braille invented his famous system to help blind people with reading and writing when he was only 15 years old!

    - Have you ever used earmuffs to stay warm in winter? Those were invented by a young man named Chester Greenwood when he was just 17!

    - The trampoline was invented by 16-year-old George Nissen while working with recycled materials in a garage!
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