What does an astronomer do?

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Have you ever looked into the sky on a starry night and wished you could get a closer look at the wonders of space?  Astronomers have the training, skills and equipment to do just that! These scientists learn about objects that are outside of that mixture of gases surrounding Earth known as the atmosphere.
Astronomers study the universe, which includes the stars, planets, galaxies, sun, moon and more! They ask important questions, such as “How do galaxies form?” Furthermore, they search for the answers, at times with the help of important tools, such as satellites. Some astronomers write reports about the answers they find, while others share their research for the sake of solving problems in areas such as space flight.
Astronomers may spend time working at special locations called observatories, where they use telescopes to see the details of space objects such as asteroids. Being an astronomer is hard work, but the thrill of studying what exists beyond our atmosphere makes this one exciting job!
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    Observing is only one part of an astronomer’s job--making sense of the details is just as crucial! To do this, astronomers spend lots of time studying the information they’ve gathered, even creating computer programs at times to help them sort through their data. While new tools and equipment are available to help astronomers with their tasks, it’s important to remember that astronomy is one of the Earth’s oldest sciences!

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