What does a DJ do?

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When you hear the word “spin,” you may think of turning and twirling. When a DJ uses the word “spin,” turning is definitely involved. But it’s a record that’s doing the spinning!
A DJ (short for disc jockey) is a person who entertains others by selecting and playing music.  A DJ does not perform the music live. He or she chooses music that has been recorded, for example, on a record, a CD, or an MP3, then plays it for an audience.
There are different types of DJs! For example, radio DJs play music that people listen to on the radio, including the radio you enjoy in your car, as well as internet radio stations. Party DJs travel to the location of an event to provide music for guests. Club DJs play music at nightclubs, restaurants, and other venues where people go to dance and listen to music. 
DJs are creative individuals who love music. They choose songs that set the right mood for the event at hand, and they have an ear for detail, as well as a sense of the type of music that their audience enjoys. Being a DJ is often trickier than it looks, as it may involve playing the beginning of one song while another song is finishing, trying to match the beats so there’s a smooth transition from one tune to the next! That’s some fancy finger work!
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    You be the DJ! Pick your five favorite songs, or any five you think will make a good mix. Your job as DJ will be to play these songs back to back! Prepare them by locating the records and CDs in your collection, or the MP3s/digital files on your computer
    Next, think about the order in which you’ll play the songs. Do you want to start the set with a catchy tune? If two songs have a similar beat, you may want to play them back to back in order to keep the rhythm going. Perhaps you’d like to end with a slower track to wind things down.
    Now it’s time to play…the songs, that is! Gather an audience of friends or family members. Now play the songs back to back. See if you can get the end of one song as close to the start of the next song as possible. Can you make the songs flow? Invite your guests to dance. You may even want to say a few words as the songs play, encouraging audience members to enjoy the music!
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