What does a biologist do?

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A biologist is a scientist who studies living things. For example, biologists may learn about how animals behave, what diseases they get, and how they are affected when their land and water is used by humans. When you think about all of the different types of plants and creatures on our planet, you can only imagine how many different types of biologists there are!

Some biologists spend time in nature observing animals. For example, there are biologists who study insects and biologists who study birds. Some biologists spend time in classrooms teaching! Others spend their days doing research in a lab.

There are biologists who study tiny creatures like one-celled amoebas, and there are biologists who study large creatures like elephants. While biologists can specialize in many different areas, there are things they all have in common. For example, these scientists are hard-working, and they are curious about the world around them! 

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    It’s time to learn some new biology words!  As you know, there are many different types of biologists. An ichthyologist is a biologist who studies fish. An entomologist is a biologist who studies insects. A botanist is a biologist who studies plants. What’s the name of a biologist who studies mammals? A mammalogist!
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