What are coins made of?

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Have you ever thrown a penny into a fountain to make a wish? Did you ever think about what you’re throwing in there? United States coins are made out of a few different types of metals.

Pennies (1-cent coins) are made of copper and zinc. The zinc is actually on the inside, so we only see the copper color on the outside!

A nickel (5-cent coin) is made out of copper and another metal that is called nickel. That should be pretty easy to remember!

Dimes (10-cent coins), quarters (25-cent coins) and half dollars (50-cent coins) are made of three really thin sheets of metal that get pressed together. The outside layers of metal are copper and nickel. The middle sheet is just copper! You can see it when you look at the edge of the coins.

Dollar coins are made out of a different metal that’s called manganese-brass.

All coins are made in a special building called a mint. But it’s not at all related to the flavor! 


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