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Myrshim. (3+ players, ages 4+).

The word “myrshim” means “to chew,” but in this game you actually don't want to chew at all! One player leaves the room while one of the other players still in the room puts a piece of candy in his or her mouth… but doesn't chew or eat it! The player outside then comes back in and the others slowly repeat the word “myrshim” while the player from outside tries to guess who holds the secret candy inside his or her mouth!



Kwanzaa Poems! (2+ players, ages 5+).

Write a poem about Kwanzaa! Use the ideas, values, and symbolic objects of the holiday in your poem to talk about what it means to you! If you don't want to write a rhyme then make an acrostic by writing each letter of “K-W-A-N-Z-A-A” on one line of your paper and starting each new sentence of your poem with the letter on that line!





Earth, Water, Air, Fire. (3+ players, ages 3+).

Kwanzaa celebrates roots, origins, and where people have come from! Play this game to get back in touch with the Earth! – Sitting in a circle, players toss a ball to one another while calling out one of the four categories of “Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.” The player who catches the throw must call out an animal who lives in that place. For example, an elephant lives on the Earth, a whale in the water, and a parrot in the sky! Be careful not to slip-up, though: If “fire” is called then don't say anything at all! And remember: no repeating of animals that were already listed!!





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