How many people are on Earth?

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Some people might say it’s a small world, but other might say it’s a big one!
No one knows the exact number of people in the world because it’s changing every moment, but the estimate as of March 2012 is that it’s about 7 billion! That’s a seven followed by nine zeros. – Whoa!! 
These amazing 7 billion people speak about 6,000 languages and occupy nearly 200 countries
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    There are over six billion people on Earth – how many of them do you think you know? Fifty? One-hundred? Two-hundred?
    Have you ever thought about how many people you’re connected to through the people you know? For example, you’re connected to your best friend’s neighbor through your best friend. If you take it one degree further, you’re also connected to your best friend’s neighbor’s veterinarian! One degree beyond that, and you’re suddenly connected to all of the clients of your best friend’s neighbor’s veterinarian! 
    Try to imagine all of the different, interesting, and unique people you’re connected to by just a few degrees. – It’s a neat way of making a big world into a smaller one!
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