How many countries are in the world?

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In the United States, we have 50 states. Ever since Hawaii joined the country in 1959, it’s been the same number. You can count the stars on the American flag, and you’ll get 50 (one for each state). It’s a nice round number and everyone agrees on it. The number of countries isn’t so easy to count because people don’t always agree. 

How many can you name?

According to the U.S. State department, there are 194 countries or “independent states” in the world. To be an independent state, a place must have an organized population of people, set borders, and its own government that is not under the control of another country.

Taiwan is an island that many people think of as a country, but the U.S. doesn’t include it on its list of 194. The reason for this is that the People’s Republic of China claims to be in control of Taiwan, and the U.S. recognizes Chinese authority there. 

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