How long do birds stay in their nest?

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Have a ever seen a baby bird? If so, you might have thought it looked pretty cute!

Newly born baby birds are called “hatchlings” or “nestlings.” They are usually featherless and can’t see very well, so these youngsters rely a lot on their parents, who bring them food and watch over them.

Because they’re so fragile, nestlings don’t leave their nest until about two weeks later, although the exact timing depends on the type of bird. A baby bird who is ready to leave the nest is called a “fledgling.” Fledglings spend about two weeks getting help from their parents, learning how to find food and fly.

Once a bird is no longer a fledgling, it’s known as a “juvenile.” Juveniles look and act much more like adult birds, which is what they soon become!

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    Big Challenges!Aside from learning how to fly and to find food, what are some other challenges that you think a young creature like a baby bird would face as it heads out into the world for the first time? Learning how to communicate with other creatures is one good example! What others can you name?

    Why do you think that baby birds stay in the nest until they know a little more about the world? Have you learned about any other animals that stay close to mom and dad before venturing into the world on their own??



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