How do squirrels stay cool during the summer?

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Picture the hottest summer day you can imagine. You are likely inside during the warmest hours, or maybe you’ve put on your bathing suit to enjoy a dip at the pool. But what about squirrels? How do these furry friends stay cool in the heat of the summer?  
Squirrels have several ways of chilling out on warm days. For one thing, they are more active in the morning and at dusk, making sure they avoid the hottest part of the day. During those stifling afternoon hours, they rest, which keeps them from overheating. Perhaps you’ve seen a squirrel lounging in the crook of a tree, its little legs and tail dangling below!   
Squirrels may also press themselves against the ground or a thick horizontal tree branch, stretching out so they are flat like a pancake. This position helps to refresh them, especially when they rest against a cool surface, such as a shaded path. In addition, squirrels lick their forearms, which adds moisture that absorbs the heat from their bodies, then evaporates into the air.
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    Squirrels can even arch their tails over their backs to stay cool, creating a cover of shade for their bodies! In fact, the blood in a squirrel’s tail is cooler than the blood in the rest of the body, so the squirrel can pump this cool blood from the tail to the torso, which helps lower the body temperature! 
    Squirrels must stay hydrated during the hot summer months. They are able to get water from some of the foods they eat, but they also find water sources, such as puddles left after a rain. In addition, some squirrels estivate during the summer, or pass the time in a deep sleep, much like animals hibernate during the winter.
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