How do birds fly?

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Birds have very special features (like beaks, feathers, and wings) that other animals don’t have. – It’s thanks to these unique characteristics that birds are able to fly!
One of the things that really helps birds to be able to fly is that they are lightweight. Can you think of any reasons why this would be helpful for flying? Any extra weight would pull a bird downwards, so the bird would have to use up extra energy to keep its heavier weight in the air! Birds are more lightweight than other creatures because they have special hollow-like bones, and beaks that weigh much less than jaws! Birds also have feathers, which help them to catch the air that keeps them in flight!
Of course, a bird’s wings are also essential to flight! Depending on the type of bird and how it’s built, a bird will use his or her wings differently, such as to flap, soar, or hover in the air. A bird’s wings direct air to create lift so that the bird can stay up in the sky!
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    Remember that humans are not built the same way as birds, and so we cannot fly – not even if we dress up in feathers or try to build ourselves a pair of “wings.” Flying is unique to birds only, so leave this special trick for the experts to handle!

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    Winged wonders!



    Did you know that there are some birds who actually aren’t able to fly? Two really good examples include penguins and ostriches!
    A big reason why both of these birds don’t fly is that they’re heavier than most other birds. However, they do still use their wings! Penguins rely on their wings for helping them propel through water, and ostriches use them for balance while running!
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